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We’re the leading TEFL provider on the planet. We have over 14 years’ experience of maximising our students’ potential. More than 50,000 people have graduated from our courses and many are living and working abroad, putting the techniques we’ve taught them into practice.

This success is based on the quality of training we provide: our teachers have been there and have the expertise – each has at least three years’ experience of teaching English abroad, and many have masters degrees and decades of experience – so they can give you the skills and confidence you need to be a success.

As a result, our graduates overwhelmingly love our courses, and a massive 94% recommend them to their friends.

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7 Customer Reviews of “i-to-i TEFL”

Review by Teflabc, January 23, 2012

There are so many online courses out there that promise you the world but then they fail to really give you much. That is what I was afraid of until I read plenty of information on i-to-i TEFL.
This is a 20 hour course that I figured I could knock out in no time at all. I also figured that if I didn’t like it, I wasn’t in a long term class such as one for 100 hours or 250 hours.
Being able to study online from any location was important to me. This meant I could study in my classroom, at home, or use my laptop when we were on the go for the weekend.
I was very impressed when I saw that they had listings for thousands of jobs too. It just goes to show that with the right accreditation and the right credentials you can control your destiny regarding where you will work.
One thing that I do wish to point out is that not all of the schools accept the i-to-i TEFL certification. If you have a particular school in mind you wish to work for, check to see if they do accept it.

Review by Benjamin Crompton, February 11, 2012

Finding so many negative comments out there about i-to-i and the TEFL program really was a shock to me. I liked the course very much and would recommend it to others.
Some of the answers are lacking to be fair, but overall they offer a very comprehensive program that you should be able to learn a great deal from. You shouldn’t be counting on TEFL certification to get you a full time job in most location.
However, it isn’t useless as some think. For example, I got a teaching contract in London. The 120 hour course I completed through i-to-i was good in my mind. I really appreciated all the great feedback from the tutors.
Some of their comments did require some clarification but overall it was great. I really think that the structure of the program is good and that it is going to keep your interest. The 20 hour weekend program is very good, and then you get 100 hours to do online on your own schedule.
Sure, it does take time but you will feel great about what all you have accomplished when you get it completed. In some locations, you do need CELTA or TRINITY ESOL in order to teach, so that should be something you consider before you sign up.
That will help you to decide if what i-to-i has to offer you is a good match for your goals or not.

Review by Ash, February 12, 2012

Both your qualifications and your experience can equal a very good paying teaching job that you are happy with. Right now, I am currently teaching in South Korea but also taking the 100 hour i-to-i TEFL program.
The certificate is really going to help me with future plans for where I wish to work. It will also help me to further build upon the experience I have in the classroom right now. I believe the balance of both of them is very important to have.
Always look into any online program before you leap though. Ultimately, you are responsible for the outcome based on the information you have obtained.

Review by Sara, February 19, 2012

Have you ever watched a movie trailer that you love and then sit through it and it is a disappointment? The only good segments were those that you saw in that initial advertisement?
That is kinda the way I feel about i-to-i and I want to share that with you so that you can be well informed before you sign up. The program is easier to complete than other TEFL programs, and costs less.
But you have to keep in mind what you get in return. For me, the feedback from tutors was conflicting at times. Each tutor would grade differently so when I implemented what one told me, it could adversely affect the next assignment.
I found the instructor for the classroom portion to be very good. She was experienced with teaching and the lessons moved along at a decent pace. Yet she kept things on the surface so if you looked at the online modules and the slides, that is what you were also getting in the class from her.
I didn’t know either when I signed up that many schools won’t recognize i-to-i certification and that was a huge let down for me. I felt it limited where I could go and what job placement services I could benefit from.
If I had it to do over again, I would take the TESOL or the CELTA instead. Perhaps I will do that later on down the road.

Review by Amy Robin, March 18, 2012

I have hand nothing but a very positive experience with i-to-i as they have encouraged me to teach well. I took their weekend format for the 20 hours but I am not enrolled for the 120 hour combined course.
I feel that this is the way to move forward with teaching credentials and information that can be used in the class. I have already learned a great deal from the assignments, so I am excited for the new bout of them around the corner.
I love the quality of the tutors and certainly would have done better in a university setting with them in place. I have taught English in Japan but looking back, feel that I could have done so much better if I had taken this course first.
I have more knowledge and a whole treasure chest of tools now to help me do better with TEFL. Thanks to i-to-i, I can give my students more than ever before.

Review by Keith, March 20, 2012

With i-to-i, I did the shore 20 hour course as I had already gotten my TEFL certificate from another university. I did learn a great deal overall from it.
I plan to work in Korea as a teacher in the public schools in the near future. I want to be the very best teacher that I can be.
If you plan to work in Spain, your certificate from i-to-i may not be enough so make sure you look into it first. That way you don’t end up with any frustrations or feeling mislead about your teaching opportunities.

Review by Mic, June 9, 2012

I didn’t really care for the experience I got through i-to-i in order to complete TEFL so be warned. They do advertise you can get an internship in China, which is what captured my attention.
However, once you pay for it you find out that they really only have two regions of China that you can go to, the North or the South. I didn’t get much help either when it came to moving or preparing for the changes.
I took their 120 hour course but really don’t like what I can do with it. I wouldn’t recommend it.