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TEFL Online is brought to you by BridgeTEFL, a leader in English teacher preparation with over 20 years of experience training students and teachers worldwide. We began by training teachers in state-of-the-art techniques and methodologies for our own language centers in the US, Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. Now, more than two decades later, BridgeTEFL offers four separate teacher certification programs and job placement in over a dozen countries around the world.

BridgeTEFL offers four internationally recognized certificate programs: the University of Cambridge CELTA, the BridgeTEFL Certificate, the Accelerated BridgeTEFL Certificate, and the TEFL Online. All four programs train graduates in the latest methodologies and skills necessary to teach English effectively in any classroom in the world. We also offer a separate international job placement service through TEFLJobPlacement.com

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5 Customer Reviews of “TEFL Online”

Review by Matt Ayers, March 23, 2012

Teaching TEFL in South Korea has its challenges but so many great rewards. I was teaching high school English and wanted to take it to the next level. That is when I made the choice to enroll in the 100 hour program offered from TEFL Online.
I am so thankful that I did so because I have been able to change methods. For example, learning is more fun now with the activities and games I have as part of my lesson plans.
If you want to become a better teacher and to use new methods, check it out yourself!

Review by Nbugu Kenyatta, May 3, 2012

I learned plenty of great skills with this online course. I feel like new and refreshing thoughts have replaced some of the levels of auto pilot thinking that I was going with. I feel rejuvenated being able to put these new methods into action.
The program offered from TEFL Online is first class and one that I highly recommend for others to take. If you haven’t shaken up your teaching methods in a while, I challenge you to do so.
If you are new to teaching, why not have some of the best methods to work from?

Review by Mike Switney, May 27, 2012

I signed up for the TEFL online even though I was already doing quite well as an English teacher. I was in the first lesson though when I quickly realized that I had some pitfalls with the methods I had been using.
I felt disappointed at first, but then changed my mindset to take on the challenge of making this all work out. I always believe there is room to learn when it comes to being a teacher.
I liked the flexibility offered so that I could continue with my teaching job and not have to decide to do one or the other.

Review by Kevin, June 2, 2012

I was new to the teaching element, and didn’t have any formal experience. I took the 120 hour course through TELF Online and really feel that it has given me an array of skills I can incorporate in a classroom setting.
I finished the program in October of 2009 and it has been tough to find a job on my own. Of course I am over 50 and new to teaching so that has made me less marketable.
Still, I think that I will be able to do something this with certification if I am patient enough.

Review by Chanel, June 4, 2012

I was in law school at the time that I took TELF online, so you can imagine the amount of time I was spending on studies daily. The process was easier than you might think though and that allowed me to get the results I was looking for.
I was matched with a great tutor and feel that without them I would have been lost at points in the curriculum. I was able to get feedback quickly so that I could incorporate that information into my next assignment.
Even though I was doing law school, it only took me a few short months to complete the TEFL this way. I was also able to get a job within a few weeks and will soon be going to Peru to teach.
I feel like this program really opened up some new options for me.